East Mountain
Men's Golf Association

2017 Local Rules

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The committee has set forth the following as local rules for play in all EMMGA tournaments and events


General terms and definitions

-A ball in the player’s own fairway may be rolled over or dropped within a 
length of a club grip or scorecard.


“Winter” Rules

-        will be posted by the committee, once it is no longer possible to distinguish the roughline

-        a ball within the treeline may be rolled over or dropped within a length of a club grip or scorecard.


Embedded ball through the green.

Ground Under Repair- Players MUST take full relief if they are in an area that has been marked as ground under repair.  Players are not permitted to play from the area.

There are NO free drops from a rock in the rough

(except during “Winter” rules)


Free Relief from the Practice Range fence.


The committee will post any exceptions due to abnormal conditions on the EMMGA board.


Hole #2

The area to the right of the fairway, left of the cart path is a “waste” bunker, the ball is to be played down like the rough.


Free Relief from EMWGA flower garden.


Hole #4

2 “Grass” bushes on right side on top of the hill are defined as “ornamental,” player is allowed nearest point of relief for swing and stance, not line of flight.


Hole #5

Player is given relief for a ball found in the hole left of the green next to the irrigation pipe.


Hole #9

Out of bounds stakes run along the outside of the left treeline dividing the 16th hole from the 18th hole.  A lateral hazard right of the fairway is defined as such and players are to take a drop at point of entry.

Hole #10
The drainage ditch on the left and right side of the fairway are lateral hazards.

Hole #14
The fence behind the 14th green is a boundary fence, the ball must be played down. (there is no drop area) 

Hole #16
Players are allowed a free drop (nearest point of relief) on the left side of the #16 hole if the net, wire, or telephone pole affects your swing. However, the ball must be found.  

Hole #18
“Grass” Bushes along the cart path between #18 green and #1 tee are defined as ornamental. (Nearest point of relief) Sun Dial, Ornamental rocks spelling “East Mountain” are also defined as ornamental.

Article 1. Name
    Sec 1.  East Mountain Men's Golfing Association, Inc. 

Article 2.  Objectives
    Sec 1.  To promote the game of golf, in strict conformity with the rules of golf, for the benefit and pleasure of its  members.  
    Sec. 2. To promote good conduct and proper etiquette among its members. 
    Sec. 3.  To promote good sportsmanship. 
    Sec. 4. To provide fair handicaps for all members, under USGA rules, regardless of ability.
Article  3.  Membership
    Sec  1.  All males eighteen (18) years of age or older, are eligible for membership. 
    Sec. 2.  Junior memberships are available to all males fourteen (14) years of age or older, at the start of the golfing  season. At eighteen (18) years of age they become eligible for regular membership. 
    Sec. 3.  Membership shall be individual.
    Sec. 4.  Dues for regular and junior memberships for each new golfing season will be set by the newly elected Officers  and Board of Directors. 
Article  4.  Officers and Board of Directors
    Sec. 1.  The officers shall consist of a President, Vice President, Tournament Chairman, Handicap Chairman, and  Secretary/Treasurer and shall take office at the annual meeting. 
    Sec  2.  The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members. The immediate Past President, President, Vice  President, Tournament Chairman, Handicap Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and one (1) elected member. 
    Sec  3.  Elected Directors and Officers shall take office at the Annual Meeting.
    Sec  4.  All Directors and Officers shall take office at the Annual Meeting. 
    Sec  5.  Vacancies occuring may be filled by the action of the Board of Directors. 
Article  5.  Duties Of The Officers
    Sec  1. The President is to preside over all meeting and generally exercise all functions of a presiding officer. 
    Sec  2.  The Vice President shall, in the absence or disability of the President, have all the powers to perform the duties  of the President. 



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